Paras vuoden aloitus

Julkaistu: 09.1.2015

Mikä voiskaan olla parempi tapa aloittaa vuosi kuin suksilla? No ei mikään! Siitä syystä me pakattiin sukset kassiin ja junailtiin Leville viime viikonloppuna.

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THE trip of the year

Julkaistu: 22.11.2014

We just simply can’t stay out of hills the whole winter so we had to make some plans to cover our skiing desire. Our THE trip of the year will this time be to… Ylläs!

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The time flies

Julkaistu: 01.11.2014

So it happened that I didn’t even remember the password of this blog. Summer has clearly done its duty and now it is time to get back to business.

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Luckily in Liberec

Julkaistu: 09.7.2014

Greetings from stormy Liberec, The Czech Republic. We arrived here yesterday after a long and exhausting day.

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Geared and ready to go

Julkaistu: 05.7.2014

Tomorrow we will start our 6000km adventure around Europe. Our majestic french wagon has been inspected and a bunch of stuff has been bought. Also crew is ready to rock!

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Europe calling

Julkaistu: 17.6.2014

It’s only two weeks left for our trip in Europe. We are going on Sunday 6th of July.  Our ferry leaves from Helsinki 8:30 am and we arrive to Tallinn at 11 am.

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Summer time and the living is easy

Julkaistu: 30.5.2014

Hi guys! So we decided to change the language of the blog into English so that our non-Finnish-speaking family and friends could also read it. We are still thinking what could be a  good translation for the name of the blog… 

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Mä Elan vieläkin

Julkaistu: 14.3.2014

Sattuipa niin mukavasti, että aurinkoiselle retkelle Himokselle osui vielä Elanin suksitestiporukka. Laajasta valikoimasta saattoi kokeilla useampaa erilaista suksea alleen.

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